About Us

Sojourners Church is a young and vibrant community of Christians in Werribee. We love Jesus and love our city of Wyndham. We are an Anglican Church with a heart to share what Jesus has done in us, and our hope is that we can be part of what God is doing in Werribee.

Our Story

Our story started with a heart to see Churches planted in the west of Melbourne. Gathering as a Church planting team from Suburban Church in 2018, we started praying for our city and forming a vision for what God could do through us.

Sojourners Church officially launched in July 2019. We would love to invite you to become part of our story. 

The Vision

Our vision is for wandering hearts to find rest in Jesus.

Our mission is to join together with local churches to reach the city of Wyndham with the good news of Gospel–that we have all wandered away from God, but that in Jesus we have been welcomed home and can find rest in Him.

Our values represent what we strive for to characterises our community. They are:

Generous Hospitality
Building Up and Sending Out
A Heart for the City

Our Name

Australia is a land of sojourners. Many of us are from "somewhere," or can trace our ancestry back to another place. Australia's first peoples also have traditions and rituals that involve moving through the land. We are sojourners—people who are from another place; people who are travellers; people who are passing through.

The Bible often describes God’s people as sojourners too. The patriarchs sojourned in other lands, as did the nation of Israel and the exiles. Peter refers to the New Testament Church as “sojourners and exiles” (1 Peter 2:11). The biblical concept of sojourning represents a deeper reality: God’s people are passing through this world and will find ultimate rest in an eternal home.

We are sojourners or wanderers who long to know where our true home is. Our wandering hearts are desperately in need of rest we will only truly find in Jesus.

Meet the Team