Our vision is for wandering hearts to find rest in Jesus.


Our mission is to join together with local churches to reach the city of Wyndham with the good news of Gospel–that we have all wandered away from God, but that in Jesus we have been welcomed home and can find rest in Him.

We would love to welcome you to Sojourners Church and invite you to join us when we gather to worship God.


These are the things that are important to us:

  • Kingdom Centred Prayer – Prayer that is focussed on what God is doing in the world.

  • Grace Renewal – A faith that doesn’t just begin in the gospel but is renewed in it.

  • Generous Hospitality – A life that overflows with the generosity we’ve received in Jesus.

  • Missional Engagement – A heart for the city we live in and love.

  • Leaders making leaders – An eye to build up tomorrow’s leaders.


Here is our doctrinal statement PDF for download:


Australia is a land of sojourners—many of us are from “somewhere,” or can trace our ancestry back to another place. The Bible often describes God’s people as sojourners too. The biblical concept of sojourning represents a deeper reality: God’s people are passing through this world and will find ultimate rest in an eternal home.


At Sojourners Church we believe our wandering hearts are desperately in need of rest, a rest we will only truly find in Jesus.


Andrew Seedhom

Congregation Minister

Mark Tibben

Executive Minister

Grace Ashwin

Director of Children's Ministry

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