As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, families and communities are experiencing lots of changes in routines and interactions. These changes are not only felt by adults, but may also feel big and daunting to our kids. 


One of these changes is the move from meeting together as a large body to meeting in families or online. As always, at Sojourners Church we believe that children are important members of this body of believers. With this in mind, here are some ideas that might be helpful as you navigate the new church experiences and changes that will occur over the coming months.


1 / Maintain Routines

Kids thrive when they know what to expect and what is expected of them. Often this manifests as clear routines or repeated practices that settle kids and help them feel comfortable in their environment. At Sojourners, we have time for ‘prayer with the kids’ in every service. Continuing to conduct a ‘prayer with the kids’ may support your children to associate the new worship services with that of our regular meetings. Following this with the provided activity may also help incorporate known routines into your house church service. 


2 / Share the Space

Kids are curious! Sharing the space with them as you worship and watch the livestream, allows them to join in and see the faithful example of followers of Christ meeting together. Setting up a dedicated ‘kids zone’ (even just a table) in the room can give the children a sense of ownership and security. Putting some blocks, toys or books in this area might be useful for kids who are early finishers. 


3 / Train Up your Child

Although this is a challenging time, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to partner with other families and our church as we continue working through our children's curriculum. Share any resources that you might come across and ask questions as you work through the teaching outlines each week. Working through the teaching outline together on Sunday will allow you to support one another and maintain that ‘teaching time’ routine our Sojo Kids are used to. 


4 / Incorporate Kids into your Worship

Our junior Sojo Kids love to sing and our senior Sojo Kids love to serve and act! Incorporating these gifts will bring a lot of joy to your worship time and increase our kids sense of belonging. Ideas might include; learning ‘Easter Friday’ by Emu Music (a great choice for our juniors as we celebrate Lent together) or getting older children to help prepare food for hospitality. 


Finally, relax and enjoy worshiping the Lord together! This season will look different in our church. Kids might be loud and excited. Services will be smaller. Activities and technology might fail. However, these uncertainties are all overshadowed by the fact that our God is good and His love endures forever.

Please feel free to share your feelings with me or others in the church so that we can support you. We’re learning as we go, so please reach out with any questions and ideas!

With love,

Grace Ashwin 

(Director of Children’s Ministry)

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